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The Bovine Colostrum we distribute is harvested from selected dairy cows grazing on healthy green pastures free from insecticides, herbicides, and antibiotics, which guarantees the best possible colostrum with the highest concentration of beneficial ingredients.

Most cows in the USA "graze" on dried feed. And so called organic dairy farms in the USA are bordered by pesticide using non-organic farms. All of our farms could pass muster as organic farms.

Colostrum is harvested during the first 5 milkings after calving. The resulting liquid colostrum is then processed by spray drying (no heat involved) and the resultant concentrate is the powdered colostrum, which we market.

Please note: our colostrum is 100% natural (there are NO ADDITIVES whatsoever)

Also, our colostrum is now 20% IgG

Our Bovine Colostrum quality is exactly as good as some others, if not better, and we charge 4 to 9 times less - No, not 4% to 9% less - but 4 to 9 times less. Some producers will tell you that their colostrum is organic, however in our case all colostrum could pass inspection as organic.

Our product is cost effective because we are not greedy.

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