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Hello Marc,

I am using 2 TSP in the morning on empty stomach. I love the results already. I deal with CFS and FMS and I am having actual hours without pain. AMAZING. The first in 7 years.

I find I have much more energy and I am not so dependent on the afternoon nap. This is wonderful as I can easily work the whole day and be alert and have the energy to do the job. One of the big problems with FMS is morning stiffness. I believe Colostrum is helping with that also, I am moving much easier straight out of the bed.

The product is great and I am now serious about working out a way to have your colostrum on my web site for sale.


M.I. Wisconson

Thanks Marc,

I usually take 2/3rds cup to 1 ½ cups of the powder daily.

Before taking colostrum I had become allergic to nearly all food. There was like only four things that I could eat, now I have been able to have some diversity in my diet. Thank you for providing this product.


D.B. Alaska.

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