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What's the good of colostrum?

Without Colostrum being ingested immediately after birth, most mammals will die particularly calves.

(So, if you were worried about humans taking colostrum away from calves, you can forget about it. No farmer would let his calf die in exchange for a few dollars gained by selling colostrum. The reason that there is a thriving market in colostrum among farmers is that most milk cows produce about 9 gallons colostrum and calves only need about 4 gallons.)

Humans will not die without colostrum, but their health will be greatly impaired for the rest of their lives if they do not get their colostrum. Since calves will die without their mom's colostrum, bovine colostrum is much richer than human colostrum.

Bovine Colostrum is designed to traverse the several immature stomachs that calves have without being digested, so Bovine Colostrum will not breakdown so easily in the mature stomachs of human beings.

Furthermore, scientists have proven that colostrum is not species specific. This makes bovine colostrum ideal as a supplement for human beings.

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